Smile! :-D

I miss smileys. Specifically, I miss the old simple ones you could create on your Nokia brick, or in your college emails. I probably didn’t appreciate them at the time. As a pretentious 17-year old, I no doubt looked down on such a corruption of language! How could people be so lazy as to use a crude little picture to represent what they could easily convey with words, if they just took a moment to think about it. It was the death knell for the English language, and blah blah blah!

But then, probably in the mid-2000s, and probably on MSN Messenger, I saw something remarkable. I typed in a colon, a dash, and a parenthesis, and when I hit enter, they transformed, transcended simple punctuation, and became something truly other: a bright, beaming, yellow little face. How did I do that? I thought. Did I break the computer!? After a little tentative experimentation, I realised that the computer was rendering my little faces as it presumed I wanted them to look: in a better-looking, more comprehensible form. And I understood that. Only, it still didn’t sit well with me… Continue reading


I generally prefer to avoid using abbreviations, as long as it’s not too awkward or difficult to use the longer form. It’s just a case of style really. I understand the need for abbreviation in language, but sometimes abbreviations can just seem too lazy, too short.

Which is why I’ve been trying to use the word application lately, rather than app. It’s just not working out though. First of all, no-one else is using it, and app just seems to be more appropriate. Mobile phones are so small, and apps can seem so ephemeral (especially to me, because they don’t have any real physical existence, which is something I’ll never quite be able to get my head around), that the short and simple app just seems right. At least application still has its own exciting life of job and college applications to enjoy!