What’s the Difference Between a Jacket and a Coat?

When writing about Melania Trump in yesterday’s post, I realised that I’d written a few times in the initial paragraphs that she’d been wearing a controversial coat.

No, that can’t be right, I thought.

You see, it’s June, so surely she was wearing a jacket. Continue reading

I Really don’t Care, do U?

Isn’t it great to have a nice little space on the internet where you can avoid all the petty nastiness of current politics, especially all the horrid news that keeps coming from the White House? A place where you can forget about all that, and think about language, without hearing about Donald Trump and his cronies?

By the way, did you see what Melania Trump was wearing today?

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That Just Doesn’t Cut the Mustard

George Hamilton, main football commentator on Irish broadcaster RTÉ, is very fond of a groan-inducing pun. This evening, while referring to a Tunisian player who plays in Dijon in France, he said, That pass doesn’t cut the mustard!

Dijon, mustard… you get it.

Anyway, this made me wonder why, when something isn’t up to the standard we desire, we say it doesn’t cut the mustard? Continue reading