Seal Armpit Delivers Inconvenience, Aches

You never what you’re going to find on the internet, do you? I sometimes have a look at the comments on this blog that are marked as spam. Partly because the occasional genuine comment gets thrown in there, but mainly out of curiosity.

Curiosity as to why those responsible might think I’d fall for their obvious tricks, and curiosity about how successful they are. Mostly though, curiosity about the interesting forms of English contained therein. Take this recent comment, for example: Continue reading

How’s it Going? 

How’s what going exactly? Obviously you don’t really need to think about that if someone asks you this question.

The correct answer is of course, Fine thanks, how are you? It’s just a greeting, so you don’t really need to tell the person how you are, though I sometimes do, especially if I have something interesting to tell them. Still, the question remains: how’s what going? And where? 

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There are many English words which are used commonly in other languages. That’s quite understandable when one considers how widespread the learning and use of English is.

Most of the words are pretty straightforward, everyday words: parking, ok, jeans, dancing camping etc.

Sometimes though, the words used are strictly correct, but the tone doesn’t really translate well. Continue reading