Hello, and welcome to my blog. I’d like to think that the title is a pretty accurate representation of what its content will be, but who knows how this adventure might meander. I’ve been working in the English-language teaching industry for about six or seven years, and have always had a pretty uncomplicated love for the language.

Recently I’d started providing an “ELT Term of the Day” to the teachers in my school to (hopefully) provide them with some interesting food for thought. I soon realised that it had morphed quite ungracefully into my own at-times rambling thoughts on language, so I decided a blog might be a better outlet for my thoughts, and it would spare the teachers the exasperation of another morning faced with an A4 landscape page which I’d managed to cram my musings onto.

So voila, as they say in English. Quite simply, I plan to have a post everyday, occasionally in-depth, probably more often than not a short simple pondering.

Please feel free to read, comment, criticise, and enjoy.

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