Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten what you went in there for? I do that all the time, and had my first experience of the blogging equivalent tonight.

I don’t plan my blog posts too far in advance. Usually when I sit at my computer, something I’d heard or thought about that day will come to mind, or something that I’ve always thought about will leap out at me.

But sometimes an idea for something to write about will come to me, but knowing I won’t do it that day, I’ll make a note of it, and add it to an ever-growing list of topics for future posts. Occasionally I’ll have a look at this list and choose something to write about. I decided to do that tonight, and one word caught my attention straight away:


I have no idea what I had in mind when I wrote that down as an idea to write about. Just that one word one its own. Click.

What could I have been thinking of?

Maybe that it’s onomatopoeic: like the words bang, splash, pop or boom, it sounds like what it refers to. It’s an interesting angle, but I don’t think that’s it.

Maybe I meant to write about how it can have different meanings: you can click with someone, something can finally click with you, you might hear a clicking sound, or click on a link. Maybe, but that seems a bit dry.

Maybe I wanted to write about not just the word click, but similar words associated with modern technology that didn’t exist in the fairly recent past. To be honest, that feels vaguely familiar, but it seems quite boring. But maybe I’ll remember what was so fascinating about the word and write about it soon.

I should also admit that in the middle of writing this post, something gave me an idea for a future post. I went to make a note of it, wrote the first letter (s), then got distracted for a moment and couldn’t remember what the rest of the word should be. I still have no idea what I wanted to write. I’ll leave the s there, in case it comes back to me.

Perhaps most bizarrely, I know exactly what I was thinking when I wrote kick drink eat.


While doing a final edit of the post, I realised what I wanted to write when I started with that s. Semicolon! Man, that’s going to be a good one!!

3 thoughts on “Click

  1. Ha ha! I am like this too.. unfortunately I don’t write down even half of the topics and things I want to write about. So it all just gets to be a bit spontaneous, most of the time.. 🙂 You inspire me to get better at writing things down. And hopefully with more than one word, cause then it is so easy to forget what it was about! 😁

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