Waxing Lyrical

A lot of pop songs tend to wash over us and we don’t really pay attention to the lyrics: I mean, they’re usually not important with pop music anyway, are they!?

It’s interesting to really listen to some songs though, as there’s some strange stuff hidden in there. For example:

If it still seems harmless, let’s have a look at the lyrics:


I had to escape, the city was sticky (really? I suppose if there’s lots of chewing gum on the pavements…) and cruel
Maybe I should have called you first (well, it would be polite, but it depends on what you want…)
But I was dying to get to you (wait, what time is it?)

I was dreaming while I drove
The long straight road ahead
Uh-huh, yeah

Could taste your sweet kisses, your arms open wide
This fever for you was just burning me up inside (Er, ok…)

I drove all night to get to you (Wait, what?)
Is that all right? (Well, not really to be honest…)
I drove all night (I don’t even live that far away, what route did you take!?), crept in your room (What!?)
Woke you from your sleep to make love to you (WHAT!!??)
Is that all right? (NO!!)
I drove all night (That doesn’t make it all right!)

What in this world keeps us from falling apart? (Stop deflecting!)
No matter where I go
I hear the beating of our one heart
I think about you when the night is cold and dark
Uh-huh, yeah (Wait, how did you get in here?)

No one can move me the way that you do
Nothing erases this feeling between me and you (Did you break in to my apartment!!??)
I drove all night to get to you
Is that all right? (Why do you even have to ask!!??)

I drove all night, crept in your room
Woke you from your sleep to make love to you
Is that all right? (I’m calling the cops!)
I drove all night

Could taste your sweet kisses, your arms open wide
This fever for you was just burning me up inside (Ugh…sorry, police, please!)

I drove all night to get to you
Is that all right?
I drove all night, crept in your room
Is that all right?
I drove all night (Hello? Yes, Roy Orbison has broken into apartment. He’s in my bedroom and singing to me! Please, come quick!)


And yet, when we listen to the song, we don’t usually think about how creepy it is. The tone of the music obviously strongly affects how the song makes us feel, and overrides our ability to notice they lyrics. And probably hypnotises us a bit. So next time you’re listening to the radio, really listen. And never trust a musical icon who shows up in your bedroom unannounced, no matter how far they’ve driven.

13 thoughts on “Waxing Lyrical

  1. I always assumed a pre-existing relationship, I mean he has already tasted her “sweet kisses” and he has a key to her house (doesn’t he?). Distances between cities in America can be very long, and maybe they have a long-distance relationship and he was supposed to drive down the next morning but he just couldn’t wait. Should still have phoned first, though!

    Every Breathe You Take, though, that one is super-creepy. I can’t believe some people think it’s a love song.

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    • That one’s ridiculously creepy. As is anything by Enrique Iglesias: “You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my love,” or “I don’t know why I love to see you cry.”


  2. This is creepy, yes. But I’ve heard worse. Hindi pop songs make my ears bleed. The lyrics are a disgrace to mankind, are grossly misogynistic and completely music.
    My ears bleed 😭
    P.S. Even the music’s bad :/

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  3. i always get annoyed at myself when “love the one you’re with” comes on- instinctively loving it, for it’s music, for the era, but really, it’s a pretty messed up concept, no? “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”?


    • I’d never thought about that one, but it is quite defeatist, isn’t it? “Don’t follow your dream, just settle because you can’t do better!” It reminds me of Abraham Simpson: “Oh, son, don’t overreach. Go for the dented car, the dead-end job, the less attractive girl. I blame myself. I should have had this talk a long time ago.”


    • I’d never interpreted it that way: I think I’d only listened to the chorus, and assumed it was about someone in a relationship, but pining for the person they really love but can’t be with. But having looked at the full lyrics now I see what you mean, and they seem even worse now!

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  4. You’ve definitely hit on something. The music, is rather hypnotic, which allows the words to get past the conscious mind and implant int he subconscious. Lyrics we’d be shocked at, just hearing someone speak those words, and ideas we’d know are wrong slide right into our minds via the spell of the music.

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  5. You are so funny Niall! Enjoy your day off. How about some hot chocolate or at least some chocolate cake? Have you written about hot chocolate vs. hot cocoa? Must share your thoughts about chocolate! Please 🙂

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  6. Upon close analysis, yes this is super-creepy. I did something similar a couple of years ago with Christmas carols (https://educationalmentorship.com/2014/12/14/my-week-11-2/) and took a look at “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”–it’s also outrageously creepy when you boil it right down. My favourite though, is reading through Red Hot Chili Pepper lyrics–some of them make absolutely no sense but they’re hilarious in their attempt to be serious.

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