Ask a large enough group of English speakers what their least-favourite English word is, and the most common answer you’ll probably receive is moist.

I’ve never quite understood the hatred for that word. I mean, I do understand why people don’t like it. It makes people think of their genital area, but it’s a word we also associate with food, especially desserts, or meat, and those aren’t things people always want to think of at the same time. And there’s something about the letter m: it’s too soft, too, vague, too, well, moist.

Despite all those solid reasons for disliking moist, I can’t really get behind the hatred of the word. I think that’s because the meaning of the word isn’t negative. I find it hard to separate a word from its meaning, so I can’t really get mad at moist. If I had to choose a word I hate most, I’d probably choose specific, simply because I find it hard to pronounce the sp. What words do you hate, and why?

14 thoughts on “Moist

  1. “Utilize” is a perfectly innocent word that I’ve heard misused so often that it now makes my teeth grind.

    I also get illogically annoyed by the word “Caucasian” when used about someone who’s from nowhere near the Caucasus. Just say “white” if you really need to use that distinguisher.

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  2. Moist, Moist, Moist! (imagine me hopping up and down shouting this)

    Lol.. I don’t have a problem with this word. I can’t think of a particular (every day) word that bothers me. I am, however, quick the queue in on people who use a certain word way too much, at which point it begins to bother me.

    Ending on a positive note, my FAVORITE word is: Hooliganism!! (Followed by chicanery, and shenanigan)

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  3. Awesome is my most hated word, I associate it with “jocks” in American “stupid” movies with young people who get a script that make them sound really stupid, on purpose. Although, I paradoxically love the word “douche bag” that they use just as much! Ha ha. 🙂 👍

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