Living His Olympic Dream

I just want to write a quick post about Ivo Seibert. You might not know him, but you’ve probably seen him on TV at least once over the last two weeks.

In my recent post about the unusual lexis of the Olympics, I casually wondered who the derny riders in the keirin races were (I have to google the spelling of keirin every time). And you can imagine my surprise this evening when I got home to find a comment on the article from Ivo, sharing a link to a Japan Times story about a derny rider. A derny rider named Ivo. Ivo Seibert! Not only was the story about him, but the image of him accompanying it was the exact same one I’d used for my post! I couldn’t believe it!

Here’s the story, have a look at it, it’s a great read:

Ivo is a semi-professional cyclist who owns a bike shop in Rio:

He volunteered for the Rio Olympics, and he really got his moment to share in the limelight.

So congratulations to Ivo, and also to the internet. For all its flaws, there’s something amazing about it’s power to join a blogger from Ireland with an Olympic participant in Brazil through just a few links. I don’t think we always appreciate its power to connect people around the world instantly.

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