Trump’s Triumph?

So Donald Trump is being hailed in some quarters as “presidential” for his address to Congress last night. And fair enough. Though there didn’t seem to be much substance to it, his tone was noticeably more measured than any of his public appearances to date. Not that that was particularly hard mind you. When you think about it though, describing his as presidential seems like something of a back-handed compliment, and at best damning him with faint praise. The word presidential means like or related to a president, so isn’t that the least that would be expected of him? Surely he should be presidential by default? But I understand people being pleasantly surprised. Regardless of whether you agree with his policies or not, it’s hard to deny that he’s had a very direct, blunt style, in contrast to his predecessors.

Reading about him made me think about his surname, and wonder if anyone in his campaign considered playing up the associations of the word trump with victory. You can have a trump card, or trump someone by beating them. And the word is very closely related to the word triumph, of course.

But perhaps someone in his entourage did think of the association, but then considered the other, slightly older meaning of the word: to fabricate or deceive. It’s not used in that sense so much anymore, except in the phrase trumped-up charges (how many newspaper sub-editors dream of getting a chance to use that as a pun?) And perhaps they did a little more research, and realised that for many English people, trump is a slang word with a meaning you really don’t want to be associated with.

He does like to emblazon his name on things though, or at least he did before becoming president, and I suspect that the craving for recognition that suggests overrides any consideration of what his name might mean. I think he wants to have his name associated with success so much that he never really cared about any pre-existing connotations to the name. Regardless of what his name was, I suspect he’d desperately want you to associate it with success. At least he’s lucky in that Trump Tower has a nice ring to it. What about President Trump? Time will tell, but let’s just say I don’t see it being remembered with fondness.

15 thoughts on “Trump’s Triumph?

  1. I really like the phrase “Trumped Up” and the alternate slang meaning makes me just laugh; you know full of hot air. Thank you Niall for another interesting post and a possible thought for one of my little posts. ~~dru~~

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    • My pleasure! I get the feeling that he’s completely unaware that Trump can mean fart, and there are a bunch of his staffers who spend all day making sure he doesn’t come across it used that way.

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  2. “To fabricate or deceive” is pretty spot on. That slang meaning suits him best, though, i think. ( I doubt he’ll ever be in danger of discovering that particular meaning; to do so would require not being an insular jerk. He probably doesn’t even know where England is on a map.)

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  3. My English mother always referred to a bowel movement as a “trump”. Seems appropriate. I love how people are congratulating him because he didn’t sound insanely drunk like he normally does. Sad!

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  4. I recently “discovered” the 19th-century writer Wilkie Collins, author of The Woman in White and The Moonstone (highly recommended and free on Kindle!). He’s fond of the word “trumpery”, which online dictionaries tell me means “worthless nonsense” or “something without use or value”.

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  5. […] And Trump has done enough of that already. It’s sadly not such a surprise that armed and armoured Nazis feel they can openly walk the streets en masse under the regime of a man who has so lowered the level of political discourse. From the beginning of his presidential campaign, Trump has used aggressive, blunt language, often referencing physical or sexual violence. And he seems to have got only more brazen. It’s no wonder that Nazis feel empowered when they have a president who refused to distance himself from the support of the KKK, who mocks the disabled, who enacts openly prejudiced policies, who advocates police brutality, who talks about grabbing women by the pussy, and who refuses to condemn Nazi violence and instead like a coward talks about violence on “many sides.” He’s very directly responsible for the horrors we saw in Charlottesville, including the killing of Heather Heyer. He’s shown these awful people that it’s ok to be hateful towards your fellow human beings through his actions and his words. […]


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