What a Hot Verb!

What’s a hot verb? Read here to find out.

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How would you explain the meaning of the verb to get to someone? Would you say it means to receive, or to be given something, and perhaps give an example like I got a lot of nice presents for my birthday? If so, well done, that’s a pretty solid combination of definitions and examples. But…

What about:

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3 thoughts on “What a Hot Verb!

  1. It’s quite interesting that as a teacher, I’ve experienced that lie-in/lie-on phenomenon with colleagues – especially with niche terminology (when they cannot abide the thought of the non-jargon meaning being right, because it has lower status in the artificial world of exams!).

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  2. […] And it is actually hot. It’s not the typical 20° in June in the west of Ireland which feels hot, until later when you go on holiday and realise it was actually merely warm back in June. No, it’s 8.40pm, and 26.6°. It was 29.5° earlier. It’s hot. […]


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