Not the most complicated of creatures, jellyfish. And not the most complicated of words either.

Jelly + fish = jellyfish. Easy. I heard the word during a song this evening, and was struck by its simplicity. But of course I had the feeling that there’d be something interesting, linguistically, about jellyfish.

And so I found myself on the Wikipedia entry for jellyfish. And that was just the beginning… Continue reading

Homage to Catalonia

I was rooting through my George Orwell books this weekend, and realised that it had been a long time since I read his account of of fighting in the Spanish Civil War, and grabbed it. It was only today at work when I questioned whether the title was a strange one.

Was it A Homage to Catalonia?

Or An Homage to Catalonia?

A minor difference, perhaps, but also perhaps all the difference in the world. Continue reading