Time is Money

Time is money.

Such an ugly phrase, isn’t it? Only the most obnoxious, boorish oaf would use it without a trace of irony. What a perfect representation of the greedy arrogance of our late-capitalist society (i before e after c), of the desire to just make more and more money, or at least not to lose any of it.

But maybe we shouldn’t dismiss it so easily. Maybe using it isn’t just the preserve of the greedy. Look at how we talk about both time and money: Continue reading

The Price is not Right

You’re on holiday, maybe in Spain or Italy, and you want to buy something in a shop. No problem, you have a few basic phrases to survive in that situation. So you go find it on the shelf, but before you take it to the counter you check the price because you know the prices can be different from home. And what’s this? It costs…

€15,99!!?? Continue reading