You Love to See it

You’ve probably noticed this phrase (and of course you hate to see it) online in the last year or so, particularly on Twitter. I’ve got no patricularly strong feelings about the expression itself, but it has made me think a lot about how language spreads, and how that’s changed recently. Continue reading

Donald Trump Lies

Big surprise, eh?

I won’t bore you with all the examples: just have a look at the video from yesterday’s post in which he gets himself caught in the incredibly simple lie of claiming to have read a letter he hadn’t opened.

Of course it’s worrying that the president of the United States is an inveterate liar and a cheap con man who’s already talking about pardoning himself. But what’s worrying a lot of people on top of all this, is how Trump’s lies are being reported.

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I had a most shocking experience recently. I’m fortunate to be a part of a lovely bloggers’ group, Blogs in Bloom. People share their blog posts, and social-media links, and everyone is invited to read, share, and comment.

Of course you let the people know that you’ve read, or liked, or shared their post, by commenting under their link. Something simple like Commented! or Read and liked! At first, anyway…

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I’ve just Written this Post, and Twitter’s Response is Perfect!

I’m impressed with Twitter. According to most clickbait articles which appear on my Facebook newsfeed on the odd occasion I venture there, it’s got the perfect response to everything!

I’m impressed, because there was a period of about a year there when apparently Twitter couldn’t handle anything!

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Social Media Links

If you’re happy to just read my posts on this website, then please feel free to ignore this. That’s probably what I’d do. I’ve created pages for my blog on social media for two main reasons: to stop friends being bombarded with blog stuff on my personal profiles, and because apparently you’re supposed to do this to get more people to visit and so on. As you can perhaps tell, I find it hard to put much effort into this, though I’m still needy and insecure enough to want as many readers as possible.

If you’re a heavy social-media user, you might want to connect with this blog via such media, and you can do so via these links (which can also be found on the About page and via the little widgets on the website itself): Continue reading


I think I became aware of the word trending a few years ago, whenever it began to creep outside of Twitter, as I’ve only recently started to dip my toes in the water of the Twittersphere. My first thought was that the word seemed to mean popular, but that there must be some more specific meaning to it. In time, I told myself, that meaning would become clear.

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