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If you’re happy to just read my posts on this website, then please feel free to ignore this. That’s probably what I’d do. I’ve created pages for my blog on social media for two main reasons: to stop friends being bombarded with blog stuff on my personal profiles, and because apparently you’re supposed to do this to get more people to visit and so on. As you can perhaps tell, I find it hard to put much effort into this, though I’m still needy and insecure enough to want as many readers as possible.

If you’re a heavy social-media user, you might want to connect with this blog via such media, and you can do so via these links (which can also be found on the About page and via the little widgets on the website itself):


All my posts are published here automatically, as well as the occasional short post with a simple fact or idea. I guess it might be useful to have posts appear in your newsfeed if you use Facebook a lot.


I set this up very recently, mainly to keep any posts about the blog or language separate from my personal Instagram, which is all about, well, photos I take, I suppose. I’ve no idea how an Instagram account based on language will actually work, so if you’re fascinated by such a daring experiment, follow me there! Every photo guaranteed to be accompanied by the phrase For more, check out my blog (link in bio!)



Check out Niall O’Donnell (@NiallODonnell01):

Posts are also automatically published on Twitter. I also intermingle them with tweets linking to older posts, with topical hashtags! I’m sure there’s a reason to follow me there, and if I think of what it is, I’ll let you know.

But if you’re happy just to read here, then forget about all this social-media nonsense, and thanks for reading!

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