Just a quick update as it’s a Bank-Holiday weekend here in Ireland. Why are they called Bank Holidays? Quite simply, these were originally days when it was decided that banks would close and no trading could take place, though they very quickly became popular among the general population as a day of leisure. Nowadays though many shops and business remain open, banks continue to be closed.

The world holiday in general is also interesting, coming from holy day. Most of the holidays observed in the Western world are still derived from Christian holy days (though many of those were scheduled at times of pagan festivals to make the transition easier for new converts and help to normalise Christianity and absorb older practices), such as Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. As these were so holy, it was decided that no work or recreation should take place, so that people could focus on religion.

There’s not much holy evident in the average Bank-Holiday weekend though: a nice drive, catching up on housework, regretting that you didn’t make more of it and dreading going back to work on Monday evening.

It may not be officially holy, but it’s all part of the rich tapestry of life, and if you believe in a God up there, then I think (s)he would be happy to see people having an extra day to relax and enjoy the world.

Happy holy day everyone!

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