A Bit of a Do

I’ll be getting ready for my office Christmas party soon.

And by getting ready I mean probably changing my clothes.

it reminded me of a now probably old-fashioned Irishism, which is to refer to any kind of social gathering on a larger scale and more  than simply going to the pub as a do.

Sorry, I can’t go out tonight, we’re having our work Christmas do.

We’re having a bit of a do next week, if you want to come.

I’ve been invited to the mass, but I won’t be able to make it, so I’m just going to the evening do. Were you at their engagement do?

The word’s also been used that way in British English too, but it seems to have  taken hold a bit more firmly here. Though as I said, it’s pretty old-fashioned now. How it came to be used this way I don’t know, and no seems to know the etymology of it. Maybe it’s because you have to do yourself up to look nice beforehand.

Whatever the origin, it’s another example of the versatility of that little word do, which can be a main verb, auxiliary verb, or a noun.

Must be off now to do myself up, have a lovely evening, if you’ve got a do to go to or not!

6 thoughts on “A Bit of a Do

  1. In the South we say Doings. As in, Sorry, but we can’t make it, there’s a doings down at the church. It could have come from my Irish Walsh family. But it was fun seeing someone else uses the DO.

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