I’m no Expert

It’s true, I’m not.

No matter how much I might sound like I think I am, most of what I share here is from my own informal research. Of course working in an English-language school helps, as does my own interest in language, but I could never claim to be an expert in any kind of official sense. Though, if you look at where the word comes from, then maybe I am…

It comes via Old French from the Latin experitus (tried, proven, known by experience), with the ex- suffix, as we now all know, meaning from or out of, and peritus meaning experienced or tested.

Ah, now that sounds a little more like me! Most of what I write is based on my life experiences. I might see or hear a word, and start thinking about it, and within about 24 hours you’ll probably have to read it.

OK, I’m not officially an expert. An interested amateur, perhaps, but at least now I feel a little more justified in thinking that sometimes I might know what I’m talking about!

13 thoughts on “I’m no Expert

  1. It’s interesting to me how people who are eager to tell you that they are no expert, usually know more than those who can’t wait to tell you they’re a thought leader, award-winning specialist, guru, or … expert! Thanks for another interesting post!

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  2. If you don’t want to say you’re an expert, you could still say that your area of expertise would be the English language, right? I mean, you’re very good at explaining everything to foreigners and others who are interested, not everyone could write about etymology and still make it interesting.

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  3. And “amateur”. That’s another good one who’s deeper meaning is often overlooked.
    You say you are an amateur and yet (as most people would compare it) you clearly use your knowledge in your profession. I like to think that one can pursue an interest for love AND money.


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