Carolin Gallego

Today, I came across a letter written to New York magazine in 1992. Normally I wouldn’t expect such a thing to be particularly interesting, but this letter was written by someone called Carolin Gallego about her apparent boss, Donald Trump.

You can see the letter here:

Sound familiar? You can see why some people are saying that this was actually written by Trump himself. First of all, it’s simply the kind of thing he’d do. He’s so insecure that of course he’d pretend to be his own secretary and write about how he great he is.

Secondly, he has a history of pretending to be other people to praise himself.

And thirdly, it really sounds like him. It’s almost impossible not to read it in his voice, especially the sentence beginning with The most beautiful women, the most successful women... It’s got his tendency to repeat superlatives to reassure himself, and to immediately back up a boast with another that either has the same meaning or is equally positive. It was probably easy enough to get away with pretending to be someone else in 1992. Even though he was very much a public figure then, we didn’t have such ready access to his words as we do now thanks to the internet.

But comparing this letter now to his many, many tweets, we can immediately recognise his voice. It’s interesting how someone can have such a distinctive, consistent style that’s immediately recognisable. It’s often considered one of the hallmarks of good writing: when a writer uses their distinct, personal voice in their work. And whatever you think of Trump, you have to admit that that’s what he does. It’s not a very pleasant voice, of course, and it features an extremely limited range of vocabulary, but you have to admit: you’d recognise it anywhere.

It’s just a pity for Trump that he didn’t have to wherewithal to adapt his style when pretending to be a secretary that never seems to have actually existed. But then if he were such a reflective individual, he probably would’ve realised how pathetic it was to pretend to be her in the first place. Sad!

6 thoughts on “Carolin Gallego

  1. Some people are always saying something, and when it comes to Trump I’m afraid the news media has abandoned proven facts in favour of accusations. I’ve read all kinds; I suspect most of it’s untrue. I’m thinking he’ll definitely win the prize as the most maligned president the US has ever had.

    I’m cautious about posting anything on my blog that I don’t know to be fact, in case I leave myself open to legal action, should some people be totally wrong and other people decide to take issue about it. The big question I’d have here is, can this letter writer be found and asked about it?

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    • I think a lot of people have tried to find her, but there’s no evidence of her existence. There is evidence of other people being Trump’s Secretary at the time, so it’s unlikely she’s real, but then it’s very hard to prove that she wasn’t.


  2. You are right. It is really interesting to think that he has such a distinctive style. It would be easy to copy it now, but back in 1992 I doubt many people would recognize it.

    This made me smile anyway.

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  3. From what I’ve been able to find on the internet, there is no record of anyone of this name a) at all, or b) working as his secretary at the time, whereas his actual secretary at the time had a completely different name.

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