Hello! I haven’t written much lately, mainly because I’ve been pretty busy.

With work mainly, though I also think it’s been nice to take a little break from writing, and refresh my mind a little. Not that I’ve been giving it too much of a break, mind you.

I’ve finally got round to starting my Irish lessons. I’ve just had two so far, but I’ve enjoyed them. Being a language teacher myself, I have to stop myself from thinking about how I’d teach the class. I wouldn’t of course dream of giving the teacher advice, because I know from experience how nerve-wracking it is to teach a teacher, and always imagine that they’re judging you. I’ll try to be a good student, and I’m enjoying refreshing my knowledge of the language. Now I’m looking to get more opportunities to practise speaking it, which still isn’t that easy.

Speaking French though, hasn’t proven too difficult. I’ve joined a group that meets occasionally for French speakers to get together in a nice café and speak French. It’s enjoyable, and has helped me realise that my French is much better than I thought.

Not that all these other languages have made me forget about English. Far from it in fact: they help me come up with new ideas, in comparing and contrasting them with English. I’ve simply had neither the time nor the energy to write them down as I usually do. But fear not, after taking a little break, I’ll be back soon!

The word update, by the way can be both a verb or a noun (here’s how to pronounce them appropriately!), and is simply a combination of up and date, coming from the phrase up to date!

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Learning Irish–cool! I know what you mean about work. I’ve been so busy with work these past three weeks that I feel like I’m neglecting my blog friends. I’m finally back to normal routine, so now it’s time to get caught up!


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