Top Ten Posts of 2018! (so far…)

-I thought he was on holiday?

-Yeah, but this looks like something he threw together before he left, and set to publish while he was away, to make sure he keeps getting enough clicks.

Very cynical! It must have taken him only five minutes to look at his stats and see which were the most-read posts in 2018, maybe ten max if he bothered to only include posts written in 2018. And, I don’t know, he’d probably be doing that and then discover that the stats can only show him posts ranked by popularity for the last 365 days, and not since the beginning of the year. I bet when he discovered that he’d just say f*ck it! and just link to the most popular ones from that period regardless of when they were published! Probably wouldn’t even bother changing the title, even though now that I think about it, most of them would be from 2017, as they’d have more time to get more views…

-Yeah, and it doesn’t really make sense if you think about it. If these are the posts most people have read, then people looking at this post are more likely to have read them already. Why not link to his least popular posts?

-Probably embarrassed by them. Heaven knows he should be. Anyway, let’s see what we have here. Hopefully two of the ten aren’t about current presidents: I hate when he gets all political…

10. All the Feels

9. Riding the Gravy Train

8. Just How Bad is Donald Trump’s English? (Putting Him to the Test)

7. Emmanuel Macron: A Pronunciation Guide

6. Isn’t She Lovely?

5. More Real or Realer?

4. What a Hot Verb!

3. The Strange History of Pepperoni

2. Boot or Trunk? Hood or Bonnet?

1. Why is “Dick” Short for “Richard?”

(Thanks for reading!)


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